We have introduced identification with BankID to increase security for our customers.

In Serix Online, we offer an easy and secure way to order, among other things, Photo ID cards, camera stickers and accessories. We help you create a company-adapted product range both in terms of design and technology. You choose the way you want the products delivered and we make sure that they arrive at the right place at the right time.

The order portal also offers readback of RFID numbers for easier activation in e.g. access control systems. For customers who want to integrate card ordering from their own system, there is a modern API that offers all the functions available in the web portal.

As a customer, you can follow the entire process from order to delivery. There is also the possibility of an approval function where orders must be approved by a competent person before it goes into production.

The stronger identity verification that we have introduced is a step in its development to become an even more reliable supplier of identity solutions. BankID is simple and easy to use and is becoming more and more common. Serix Online has proven to be a success as today we have over 30 000 companies that use the service to place their orders. Create your account today!

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