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Our production

Seriline's modern and safe production is located at our head office in Bromma, Stockholm. We have lots of machines and products to provide world-class service to our customers.

We have installed powerful cleanroom machines that enrich our entire property, with a little extra power in the production, seeing that we care about both yours and our own quality. These machines suck all particles moving in the air and ensures that the air is fresh and clean. We can both quality and safety control all the jobs we perform without any third party being involved as all our production is in-house. From start to finish, under one roof.

In addition to our production, Seriline's servers are all located within Sweden. With this in mind, our customers can feel completely confident that data never leaves Swedish borders.

-  With security in focus, there was no doubt that Seriline would have its production as well as servers within Sweden, says Seriline's CEO Freddie Parrman


At Seriline you can with ease place orders for your personalized products. With over 30 years in the field, you can rest easy knowing that the knowledge you need is on site.
We at Seriline work with personalized RFID-products after the needs of our customers. We have laser engraving machines, hot stamps, laminators, instant printers, cutting machines, RFID-scanners, magnetic-encoders and miles of four-color-card printers. Our studio will gladly help create a layout that follows your graphic profile. Everything to meet your needs for personalization.

- For us at Seriline, the customer is always in focus. We have gathered a fantastically versatile force under the same roof. All the competence we might need for our customers different demands is what I want us to have in the same place. This provides short lead times with fast and good processes, says Seriline's Production Manager Oscar Håkansson.

Laser engraving

We laser engrave open buttons, proxy tags, cards and much more and provide a draft with your own layout, as well as the readings needed for your access control module. The laser engraving provides a durable and lasting motive. Our tags can be engraved both front to back, and are available in EM- and Mifare chip, or the so-called combi tags where both chip techniques are integrated. Visit our web shop for more detailed information and prices.

Instant print

We can offer a four-color printed logo on all our keyfobs and card accessories such as yoyo and covered cardholders. If you are looking for an affordable printed keyfob or yoyo with a high level of detail that is our printed logo products. These products are a great way to showcase your brand by using your own logo.

Our printers use a unique LED technology for curing the UV ink and in this way is a more environmentally friendly alternative compared to the most common printing techniques. The result is a high-resolution and durable finish. The colors of our printed products are resistant to water, scratches and sunlight.

Product sheet

Our certification is your safety

We are accredited for RCO DESFire Application ID (RAID)  

Seriline is an accredited supplier of keyfobs, cards and readers coded according to RAID for RCO's R-CARD M5 system. RAID has its own set structure based on the Mifare DESFire EV2 technology. When ordering, the customer states his unique RAID in a safe and secure way. We then deliver the customer's products safely so that the customer can easily activate their products in their R-CARD M5 system.

What do these certifications really mean?

Today, there are a few selected security companies that are accredited for RAID and ID06, Seriline is one of these. The certification is therefore a proof of high quality, but above all it is a security for you as a customer. This means that Seriline, our employees and our products are regularly subjected to independent checks. Another important part is that we continuously train our employees and ensure that we meet stipulated requirements and regulations.

Seriline Tjänster

Did you know that Seriline's personal data never leaves Sweden?

We work constantly to ensure that the information processed and stored handled safely. We ensure that your sensitive personal data never leaves Swedish servers. The information is always transmitted with high security. In addition, we also have high-level security in place, in our offices, with encrypted programs and security doors to get into production.

Seriline Erbjudande

Seriline is an accredited card supplier by ID06 AB

We at Seriline and are also accredited and approved by ID06 AB for the production of ID06 cards. ID06 is a standard for ID cards to be used by people staying at construction sites.

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