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Secure issuance of ID solutions

FARGO’s ID card and badge printers are available with a wide range of features and functions. Find the printer that exactly meets your security level, volume, and aesthetic needs.

FARGO High Definition Printing ™

HDP® delivers the highest image
quality layered on the highest functioning cards. HDP Film
fuses to the surface of proximity
and smart cards, conforming to
ridges and indentations formed
by embedded electronics.

Maximum Security

The FARGO® HDP8500 is compliant with
the security requirements of government
ID issuers worldwide, such as physical
locks on the input / reject hoppers and
protection of misprinted or misencoded
cards in an internal reject bin.

HDP 5000

Printer HDP5000 Base Model
Article no: 3830
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Magstripe Encoder to HDP5000
Article no: 3831
6 750,00 kr
Double Sided unit (Flipper) - to HDP5000
Article no: 3832
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Laminator Single Sided - HDP5000
Article no: 3840
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Laminator Double Sided- HDP5000
Article no: 3841
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DTC 1500

Printer DTC1500 - Single Sided
Article no: 3858
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Printer DTC1500 with Mag. Encoder - Single Sided
Article no: 3859
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Printer DTC1500 Double Sided with lam.+RFIDencode.
Article no: 3860
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Printer DTC1500 - Double Sided
Article no: 3861
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Ribbon and other FARGO printer accessories

Ribbon YMCKO EZ (100 images) - Fargo C50
Article no: 3065
[not available]
Ribbon YMCKO (250 images) - C30
Article no: 3080
[not available]
Black, FARGO DTC5500LMX, 3000st print
Article no: 3082
[not available]
Ribbon YMCKO FARGO DTC5500LMX, 500 print
Article no: 3083
[not available]
Ribbon YMCKO FARGO DTC4500 - 500 print
Article no: 3085
1 940,00 kr
Cleaning Rolls - 10 per Pack HDP5000
Article no: 3087
[not available]
Ribbon YMCKO (500 images) - DTC1500
Article no: 3094
[not available]
Ribbon YMCK (500 images) - HDP5000
Article no: 3110
2 740,00 kr
Ribbon YMCKK (500 images) - HDP5000
Article no: 3111
2 805,00 kr
Retransfer film (1500 images) - HDP5000
Article no: 3112
1 815,00 kr
Ribbon YMCK (500 images) HDP5600
Article no: 3114
[not available]
Retransfer film HDP5600 (1500 print)
Article no: 3115
[not available]
Cleaning Kit HDP5000
Article no: 3116
[not available]
Laminate 1,0 mil (250 images) - HDP5000
Article no: 3125
1 015,00 kr
Holographic Laminate Orbit Whole - HDP5000
Article no: 3127
[not available]