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We provide various types of desktop readers, card readers and encoders that work, among others, for the following passage systems; Aptus, Axema, RCO, Solid / ARX, Bewator and more. Most readers and encoders are usually offered in different designs, there are RFID readers that can only read the data in the digital key´s memory but also readers that can both read and write data into the digital key´s memory. Most RFID readers are designed to read the RFID frequency of 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz or UHF 868 MHz.

Our readers are robust and flexible high-security readers that are easy to install. Most readers communicate with some form of computer through a wired communication such as RS232, RS485 and Ethernet or wireless such as WiFi, 4G / 5G or Bluetooth to mobile computers. This makes the readers very well adapted for direct installation in the existing access control systems on the market.

Card readers
PKI- och Smart card readers