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What is an integration?

An integration means that you connect one system to another. For example, if you have a system today that lacks a specific feature your business needs, it can be a good solution to integrate a system that offers this feature.

Every day there is a constant search for efficiency. We are all looking for smarter solutions, refining processes, trying to make the most of time and resources. This effort includes increasing digitalisation, using digitalisation as an enabler. The new opportunities in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and IoT presuppose that companies can keep track of the interplay between IT solutions and associated integration solutions.

Integrations are simply about getting the system puzzle together and here the program functions (API) become the key to the puzzle! Our superior system, Serix IAM, is a system built for API integrations.

Advantages of integrations

Shorter lead times
Less administration
Better decision basis


Serix IAM offers, as an alternative or complement to internal authentication solutions, now also login using BankID. This is especially useful when you want to give external people outside the organization who do not have an IT account access to the Serix self-service portal.

SSG integration

Now it is possible to check competence via Serix IAM through an integration with SSG. By entering the SSG access card number or social security number when creating a new person in Serix, personal data and competencies are automatically retrieved from SSG and check that they are approved for the demanding facility. Serix then continuously monitors that the person still meets the requirement for skills and blocks access if the person no longer meets the requirements.


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