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Seriline was founded in 1990 and is a Swedish-owned company with a focus on identity and access management. By combining the latest technology with many years of experience, Seriline offers proprietary software, online solutions, hardware and services that simplify the flow to creating user-friendly processes for confidentiality and integrity management for identities. An identity could for instance be, a person, a chip, a card, or a digital key - all of which require the same secure care, precision and security in their handling.




Seriline started its business as a sole proprietor in 1986. With a repro camera and a darkroom in the Stockholm suburb of Svedmyra, we made original on film and worked with screen printing. The art form of screen printing is called "Serigrafi" in swedish, thereof the company name Seriline. In 1990 Seriline became a limited liability company.

Our first ID system

We developed in the early 1990s. With the help of our first computer – 20 Mb – we developed a system for the production of corporate ID cards. At that time, our competitors were Kodak, Agfa and Polaroid. In the mid-1990s, we began to export our security ideas to, among others, Bangladesh, Ghana and the Middle East.

Data protection

Is important for all companies, we thought in the late 1990s, and invested in an agency for secure login in computers. We developed a smart encryption tool for email files as well as a theft marking for computers. Our most successful product was Safepax Giro, which protects the payment files sent to the bank via the Internet. The system is still used today by authorities, public enterprises and private companies. Even bank giro adapted their systems to Safepax. Today is basically all authorities' payments go through Safepax.

Parking permit

In the 1990s, the municipalities and county councils had problems with the parking permits for people with disabilities. It became increasingly common for the permits to be forged so the local authorities (nowadays SKL) wanted to increase security. Seriline offered a safe concept for central and local production of parking permits. Since the mid-1990s Seriline have the trusting mission to deliver the so-called PR cards to all Swedish municipalities.

Visitor management system

One of our larger customers asked us if we could develop a system for managing their visitors.We realized at once that visitor management systems should be an important product in our offer. Therefore, we developed our own Visitor management system; Visitor. It has since developed into the be the market's most complete system for visitor management.

Our certification is your safety

We are accredited for RCO DESFire Application ID (RAID)  

Seriline is an accredited supplier of keyfobs, cards and readers coded according to RAID for RCO's R-CARD M5 system. RAID has its own set structure based on the Mifare DESFire EV2 technology. When ordering, the customer states his unique RAID in a safe and secure way. We then deliver the customer's products safely so that the customer can easily activate their products in their R-CARD M5 system.

Accredited card supplier by ID06 AB

We at Seriline and HanterksID.se are also accredited and approved by ID06 AB for the production of ID06 cards.

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What do these certifications really mean?

Today, there are a few selected security companies that are accredited for RAID and ID06, Seriline is one of these. The certification is therefore a proof of high quality, but above all it is a security for you as a customer. This means that Seriline, our employees and our products are regularly subjected to independent checks. Another important part is that we continuously train our employees and ensure that we meet stipulated requirements and regulations.


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ESG means sustainability and stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. Seriline is actively working on several different issues related to sustainability.


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Di Gasell - five times in a row

Di Gasell - five times in a row


Seriline has been awarded Di Gasell for the fifth year in a row. It is the Swedish business magazine Dagens Industri that annually selects Sweden's most successful companies and designates them as Gaselle companies.

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A smart phone is all you need for secure identification – Serix ID from Seriline and Areff

A smart phone is all you need for secure identification – Serix ID from Seriline and Areff


Recently at the Nordic region's largest protection and security exhibition – SKYDD – in Stockholm, Sweden the Seriline Group launched a completely new way of looking at identities. The service, called Serix ID, is based on Near Field Communication (NFC), which with encrypted messaging and a cloud-based authentication platform, enables secure identification of people and products by using smartphones.

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