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The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency has choosen Seriline as the framework agreement supplier within identification and authorization. This means that municipalities, county councils and authorities can order products and services for identification and authorization such as cards and other credentials, accessories, photo products with several other services and e-identification, directly from Seriline, which is one of the suppliers in the procurement.



This framework agreement area covers products and services for identification and authorization. This includes cards for physical and electronic identification and authentication, as well as other types of credentials for identities. All types of cards are included, such as service cards, SIS cards, SITS cards or other types of identity cards for employees in the public sector as well as ID06 cards. New for this framework agreement is that e-identification is included.

The cards can be used to log in to computer systems and computer networks; for electronic identification and signature and / or for entry into a room. The electronic part of the smart card can e.g. be a chip, non-contact technology, mifare and / or a magnetic strip. Furthermore, it is possible to install certificates and configure PIN code. The framework agreement also covers accessories such as ordering stations, photo products, card holders and the like.

You can buy Function as a service and Product as a service. It is also possible to call on different types of consulting services linked to these products.

The framework agreement area is a combination agreement which means that there is a special distribution key with all conditions established as well as the possibility of implementing call-offs via renewed competitive bidding. Call-offs through the special distribution key are made via forms and no additional requirements can be added. In the event of renewed competition, the caller can specify their own requirements.

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Contract period: 2021-03-23 - 2024-03-22
Contract number: 23.3-2965-20:006

Seriline is a supplier in the following framework agreement areas:

Identification and authorization - Special distribution key
Identification and eligibility - Renewed exposure to competition



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