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Efficient access management

As physical access is integrated into many other parts of the business, the importance of securing identities has also increased. Many people want to be able to use a credential for several different things: access, logg in to computers and copying machines. There are more and more applications that the identity will work with. These are often decentralized organizations - instead of having their own equipment for issuing cards locally, they want them distributed from the manufacturer. Through our ordering portal, Serix Online, the customer can order their ID cards online, which our production then produces and distributes. As a customer, you can follow the entire process from order to delivery. There is also the possibility of reporting card data directly into various access control systems via APIs.

Serix IAM is our platform for managing identities and accesses where you have a simple interface for managing people, credentials, authorizations and asset management. Serix IAM can retrieve personal data from, for example, an HR system or your AD and link them to other systems such as an access control system or printing solutions.