Copy the entire program folder to the new computer. Please note that our softwares do not need to be reinstalled. All functions are integrated into the software. No information is entered in the Windows Registry. It is an advantage to save the software on a server to obtain a secure backup.

The principle is that you use the search fields to filter the shortlist so that it only shows what you wish to see. At the bottom left corner of the software window, the number of entries is displayed as a result of the filtering (filtered / all cards). If you want to print a report - do the filtering in the shortlist and select the "List" option in the Report Manager.

Check the information that you want to be included in the report, and select how they will be sorted and printed.

300 dpi is a sufficient resolution when printing. When the image is uploaded, the resolution may be slightly higher so that there are margins to zoom in on the image. Images uploaded into the software are automatically trimmed and scaled to the correct size when saved. The proportions of the photo are 3 x 4 and the field for the signature has the proportions 4 x 1. The photo of the PR card is 30 x 40 mm and the signature is 60 x 15 mm.

All data is stored in a database (Access database), which is stored in the folder ../PR-kort/db/ during installation. Photos and signatures are stored as files in a movie matrix under ../PR-kort/Image/. The software also has an INI file in the software directory ../PR-kort/ where some settings are saved.

Order/manufacture a brand new card with a new license number, block the old one. Always report stolen cards to the police.

No, only one card should be issued per person. The permit is personal and in this case, belongs to the child.