It is the same software that is used for all types of cards. Only when printing (and in the card layout) is it decided how the cards will be printed. It is the number of functions that determine which program you need. For example, Mifare encoding SQL databases etc.

Any type of printer installed in Windows can be used.

In the software, there is a built-in layout editor where an unlimited number of card layouts can be created. These can then be selectable in a drop-down menu in the application window when the cards are created.

You will get your own card layout in the Online system, but for safety reasons, we at Seriline create them.

ID Enterprise includes such features. Data can easily be formatted in the built-in tool to fit the external system.

Bar code and magstripe encoding is included in all software. ID Enterprise also supports Mifare, where it is possible to interpret the card's serial number to the database and to sector encode the cards.

In the ID Express software, data can be imported from a file, such as a TAB-delimited text file. ID Enterprise also handles imports directly from SQL databases and Windows AD.

ID Enterprise has a built-in report manager with which you create your own reports. These can be printed either on paper or as a file.