A visitor management system can look completely different depending on your needs. Most often you order the functions you need to get a system that fits your own needs.
In our website there are some ready-made packages to order directly.

You need to be able to set up the database, create layouts for visitor tags, print reports and statistics, etc. These functions can be found in the Visitor Reception software. The answer to the question is really no, but we have customers who have just bought the guest software, and who we have helped with database and layouts.

In the Entry version, you can only check-out, while in the premium versions you can check-in and out visitors.

The software needs a COM port to listen to. When connecting a reader to a USB port, you need to install a virtual USB / COM port. In principle, any barcode reader should work, but we have the most experience with Newland scanners that we can also provide good support for.

If the reader beeps it means that it has read the code. However, this does not mean that the software has received data from the reader. Make sure that all settings in the software are correct for the current browser (menu bar Options / Search with Reader ...) - that the field "ID" is used as a search field and that the correct COM port is set (Windows control panel).

Sometimes Windows can lose contact with the USB port. Try disconnecting the reader from the computer and reconnecting it. Check which COM port the reader received on the control panel.

Behind each print button, you can add your own layout. This makes it easy to create, for example, a button for printing car pass, another for parking cards or loan receipts etc.

Contact us at Seriline and order a product key for the software extension you want. As of version Premium 7.07, there is no need to reinstall, just enter a valid product key for the new feature.