Serix IAM - Identity and access management

Innovative identity management

For people, credentials, authorizations and asset management

Serix IAM is a powerful tool for managing a person’s Identity, Credentials and Access levels in multiple systems. By retrieving personal data from a reliable source such as e.g. an HR system or personnel system and linking them to other systems such as access systems and printing solutions ensures that all systems are always updated. In addition, being able to administrate assets such as a computer, mobile phones and other devices related to the employment will give the system owner full control. In addition, there are several tools for people within the organization to be able to self-administer tasks around their person, e.g. through a self-service station or user portal.

Serix IAM is installed in the customer’s existing IT environmentcor offered as a cloud service. No client installation is required,cand everything is administered via an intuitive web interface. Users can easily manage multiple functions regarding their identity, credentials and permissions via a self service station and user portal.


The right person with the right authority

By connecting attributes from the source system via Serix IAM to permissions in other external systems, it is ensured that all permissions are always updated. E.g. it is possible to link a person’s department to an access group in the access system. This means that access in the access system is also updated if the person changes department or job position. If the person’s employment is terminated, all permissions in all connected systems are automatically blocked.

Serix IAM in brief

  • Manages multiple categories of people from multiple sources 
  • Handles multiple identity carriers such as cards, keyfobs and mobile credentials 
  • Manages assets that are linked to the employee or are temporarily borrowed
  • Self-service station and user portal 
  • Integrates with external systems such as Access Control systems and print management for Access cards 
  • Production of cards locally or by ordering from Seriline
  • Deployed at customer or as a cloud service



Serix IAM allows you to link assets to a person. These may be assets linked to employment such as a computer, a mobile phone and a service car, but also things that are temporarily used as a projector or keys. This provides a good basis for gaining full control of all assets in the organization, where they are and when they are expected to be returned.

Create credentials

In Serix IAM you can easily produce your access cards yourself or by a simple push of a button send the order to Seriline for production. We then produce the card and send it to a central delivery point or direct home to the cardholder.


User interface

The Serix IAM interface for administrators and the user portal is based on the latest technology. This means that it is intuitive and easy to use. Importing and exporting data to external systems is very fast. The interface is responsive and can be run on both computers and mobile devices.


All changes in the system are logged and can be presented to the administrator of Serix IAM. This gives you a complete overview of who has done what. This is presented in the interface so that it is quick and easy to see what has caused a change in a person, credential, access privileges or assets.

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