Card holders

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We have a large selection of card holders for all types of plastic and access cards or other types of service cards such as ID06 cards. All of our holders can be supplemented with clips, lanyards or other mounts. Which card holder that is best for you depends, among other things, on which industry you work in, what kind of cards you use and how they are used.

If there is a specific card holder that you are missing, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!


Card holder Coster, Black
Article no: 6001
From 4,40 kr
Card holder Coster Eco, Black
Article no: 6002
From 5,40 kr


Card holder Excellent, Black
Article no: 6010
From 5,40 kr
Card holder Excellent, Blue
Article no: 6011
From 4,80 kr
Card holder Excellent, White
Article no: 6012
From 4,90 kr
Card holder Excellent, Frosted
Article no: 6013
From 4,90 kr
Card holder Excellent, Red
Article no: 6014
From 4,95 kr
Card holder Excellent, Yellow
Article no: 6015
From 4,95 kr
Card holder Excellent, Green
Article no: 6016
From 4,95 kr


Card holder Extensio
Article no: 6020
From 21,50 kr
Card holder Extensio Duo, Black
Article no: 6027
From 26,00 kr
Card holder Extensio Smart
Article no: 6030
From 16,00 kr
Card holder Extensio with plastic clip
Article no: 6031
From 16,00 kr


Card holder Duplex, Black
Article no: 6050
From 11,50 kr
Card holder Cover, Frosted - Vertical
Article no: 6062
From 13,50 kr