Access Cards - Plastic Card with encoding

Access cards for the company

Your access cards can either be impersonal with a neutral background image or at the same time act as ID cards with the name and picture of the holder. The cards can be designed unlimited and encoded with RFID, magnetic coding, bar code and/or QR.
The cards can be delivered both pre-encoded for use directly in your access control system, or without encoding for those who want to encode themselves.

Impersonal cards are easily ordered by contacting us via e-mail or telephone. When you want a card with your own background image, we need an artwork from you.

If you want your access cards to be personal, for example, with your name and picture, you order them in the same way as our other cards.

You decide for yourself the content, function and design of the card based on your needs - in other words, you can get your card exactly as you want. Should you use the card as an access card, we can deliver it fully encoded and ready to be used in your access control system

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The registration fee of 1,200 SEK will be sent by invoice once you are onboarded in our system.
After this, you will only have to pay for the cards you order.

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We are hoping for a great collaboration in the future and will, therefore, offer you a sample card for free via our ordering portal. 
It is easy for you to choose which card and layout you want to use. You will then upload a photo, fill in your name and address and we will send your sample card for free. 
The manufacturing of the card will start immediately, and it usually takes around 3 days until you receive it. 

Note that the sample cards will only be sent to companies and organizations, not to private individuals. 

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To order your cards online you log in to the portal. Fill in your card details, attach a photograph, select any options, and order.
As simple as that. Production will begin immediately, and normally you will receive the cards by post within 3 days.

he registration fee of SEK 1,200 will be charged when your company is onboarded.
After that, you pay only for the cards you order.