Barcode and QR readers

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Barcode readers are also called barcode scanners or QR readers / scanners. QR is one kind of barcode and we have readers for both 1D barcodes which are linear barcodes (code 128) and 2D barcodes which are QR codes (Datamatrix).

The barcode reader is built to optically read and interpret barcodes and then to forward the information to the connected computer. The barcode reader illuminates the barcode and registers the differences in the light reflected back by the white and black fields in the code.

A number of different interfaces or cables are used to connect the barcode scanner to a computer. The most common cable used to connect the barcode scanner to a computer today is with a USB cable. 

Our barcode readers are suitable for all kinds of industries and companies. If you want to buy one of our barcode readers that do not have a price, please contact us for a quote.


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