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Residential parking, environmental vehicle parking, staff parking - Manufacture yourself or order online with us. Seriline's systems are tailor-made for all purposes and needs. The perfect solution for those who need professional parking permits with their own design, but do not want to buy equipment or handle the production - just pay for the completed cards!

Before you can start ordering cards, we need to get some information from you. You may specify the type of card you intend to order, as well as attach the logotype to be included on the card. Seriline will contact you regarding the exact design of the card.

Within a few days, you´ll receive your login and can then start ordering your cards. Log in, fill in information and order - It's that easy!

Different types of permits

The permits can be ordered in different sizes and designs. The most common is credit card format (CR 80) or DIN A7 (74 x 105 mm). The CR80 cards can either be delivered as simple paper cards that are placed in a plastic pocket, or as a whole plastic card (type credit card). The DIN A7 cards consist of a paper core with security pressure that is plastered with a safety laminate for a professional parking permit. Before you can start ordering cards, we need to get some information from you - click here to create Online Account. 

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Produce yourself

It is quick and easy to manufacture and manage different types of permits. Enter the card information into the software and print it on a standard laser printer. If you wish, you can decide for yourself what the form should look like. Seriline's template is pre-printed with a security pattern.

In our webshop, you will find complete packages of software, equipment and consumables for parking permits.


PR-kort Parkeringstillstånd


People with disabilities can in Sweden get a parking permit issued by the municipality. The permit entitles you to park in a place especially marked for people with disabilities. What the permits should look like is regulated in the regulations of the Swedish Transport Agency TSFS 2009: 73.

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Residential parking

P-Enterprise is Seriline's software for residential parking and contains many useful features that simplify the issuance of parking permits.

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Boende och Nyttoparkering

Parkeringstillstånd Privat

Private parking

P-Express is a software for those who want to issue parking permits for staff parking and other private parking permits. Choose the quality and safety level that suits your needs.

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