Identity management

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What does identity management mean?

Identity Management (IdM), also known as Identity Access Management (IAM), ensures that the right people in your company or organization have the right access to your technology resources. In other words, it is the name for the processes and systems used to create and maintain the credentials that an identity (person) has. Identity and access control is one of our SaaS offerings that enables organizations to automatically configure, monitor and manage their digital users, permissions and security.

All types of businesses needs to have control over identities and authorizations is constantly increasing as the IT landscape is more complex than ever, while the requirements for security and compliance are becoming increasingly stringent. A common challenge in identity management is that a person and identity often exist in several different systems that are handled in different parts of the organization. This can have a negative impact on, among other things, efficiency, flexibility and safety. Three key factors in an organization's security infrastructure. An overall Identity and access management system becomes an umbrella for the business's IT security and data management.


Our systems do the work for you. Change of password, creation of new accounts, integration with e.g. HR system, logging with traceability and much more.


Automation leads to increased safety as you remove the human factor with the risk of manual errors.


Automation also leads to increased efficiency and you can focus on the right things.


We offer our customers market-leading functionality built with the latest technology and ensure that it is always up-to-date.