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In many workplaces, it is a requirement to carry your PhotoID card visible. One of the reasons is that everyone should be able to see that the person has the right to stay on the premises. The card is usually worn in a card holder that is either attached to a clip that is pinched directly to your clothes, or hooked into a lanyard. Lanyards with your logo are a great way to spread your business name. Contact us and we will tell you more about profiled products.

Lanyard 10mm

Lanyard 20mm

Lanyard 20mm, Red - hook+safety buckle
Article no: 6584
From 12,95 kr
Lanyard 20mm, Yellow - hook+safety buckle
Article no: 6585
From 12,95 kr
Printed Lanyard - Your Logo
Article no: 6600
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Other lanyards

Safety Lace
Article no: 6500
From 8,30 kr