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What is Serix ID?

Serix ID provides the user with a secure, dynamic and mobile identification of a person or a product. For example, Serix ID can be used to verify an identity online in household services such as craftsmen, cleaning companies or the presence of caregivers in care takers' homes. Another example; the service supports the ability to check and register attendance at a university during tests or exams.

In many cases, it is crucial to be able to verify a person's educational level for access to different types of premises and/or work vehicles. There you can use Serix ID to support that type of system.

Serix ID can also be advantageously used to verify the authenticity of a product or to identify a maintenance point in, for example, a factory, at an airport or a nuclear power plant with the aim of providing exactly the right instructions and control points for the current maintenance routine.

When can Serix ID be used?

Serix ID works in all contexts where there is a need for a secure identification of a person or product. Some examples of applications that are directly accessible via our Serix platform:

  • Identification of personnel, e.g. in connection with household services
  • Identity check during guard rounds or passage during guard duty
  • Attendance check at the exam

It is also possible to integrate Serix ID with other systems to, for example:

  • Check and/or link the right level of education to different types of functions, e.g. starting a vehicle such as a truck or similar
  • Check the authenticity of a product
  • Acts as checkpoint during maintenance of machines/products
  • Ensure inventory of sensitive or protective products
  • Management of product rental
  • Geopoint for indoor use
How it works!
  1. The Serix ID tag, which can be a card, key fob or other tag, is read with a smartphone
  2. The read information is sent via the internet to the Security Verification Service - SVS
  3. SVS verifies the autehticity of the Serix tag
  4. The Graphical Design Serice - GDS funtion merges the identity's information, such as status, design, images, name etc. from the user platform (Serix) and creates the current identity
  5. The result is presented on the smartphone