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Parking permit for disabled persons

Manufacture yourself or order online with us. Seriline's systems are tailored for all purposes and needs. Parking permits for people with disabilities to park in specially marked places are issued by the municipality in Sweden. Since the mid-1990s, Seriline has been manufacturing these for all Swedish municipalities. As well as providing materials, equipment and software to the municipalities who manufacture the permits under their own control.

Ordering PRH cards from Seriline

Municipalities wishing to manufacture their own PRH cards can purchase equipment, software and materials from Seriline. With our PR-NET software you can order the PRH cards from Seriline via the internet. Fast delivery time and low prices. The cards can also be ordered via a paper form sent by post. Finished cards are delivered to the municipality by post.

Before the card is handed over to the holder, it is validated with a security hologram, a label that is applied to the card.

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