Parking permits for private business

Produce your own parking permits

Seriline has been in the business for many years. We know what customers require and what needs and wishes different users have. Therefore, our softwares are perspicuous and easy to use for the administration and manufacture of parking permits in different designs. Simply enter your information, or import your data from Excel or database. The software does the rest.

Download the software for our parking systems for evaluation, free of charge. You can easily log in from any computer. Fill in your details and place the order. Delivery already the next day.

Fast, easy and safe.

Software tailored to its users

It does not matter what kind of permit you must issue. The software helps you to customize both content, appearance and function. Simple and flexible.

Privatparkering tillstånd

Best economy possible

No special requirements are placed on peripherals. No specific investments are required to get started. Any type of printer that works in Windows can be used. So use the equipment that already exists.

Create your own layout for parking permits

A special layout editor is built into the software for an easy design of your own parking permits. The format and appearance of texts and graphics can be freely varied. Texts, logos, graphics and images are easily placed on the right spot. When a permit is printed or displayed on the screen, the permit's data automatically ends up in the correct location, according to the layout you have determined.

Designa tillstånd Privatparkering