A Mobile ID cloud platform creates new business opportunities for companies, communities and individuals to monetize services that earlier have been impossible to share or control remotely.

Mobile Identification Service offers a simple, secure and cost-effective solution for allowing end-users to use their mobile phones for authentication in their existing physical access control system. The service distributes the Mobile IDs to user’s mobile devices for authentication to various physical access control systems.



The Bitwards™ platform is an ecosystem with an open solution for different access control equipment. Vendors can implement the BLE support in their products and for access control systems integrate with an API to achieve an open solution.

The Mobile Cloud Service offers high security and privacy without sacrificing simplicity, scalability and ease-of-use. All communication and data are encrypted and stored with a high-security standard. The customer has full control over the issued credentials.

Mobile ID’s are credentials that are used as an alternative for physical smart cards in a physical access control system. The ID’s are generated in the cloud service and are transferred to users’ mobile phones.

The Mobile IDs are authenticated by an access control reader which further delivers the authenticated IDs to an access controller. The access controller then makes the decision on granting access and on further actions.



The Mobile ID Platform is available as a service for mobile access, both as online and offline services. A single mobile app combines the access rights for all the user's assets and is supported in both IOS and Android platforms.

As an option the mobile app can be “white labeled”, this allows displaying the customers or end-users own brand and look & feel. The platform offers an SDK that easily can integrate the functionality in an already existing customer or end-user app.



Mobile access control can be managed by a web application as a stand-alone part of the access control or be an integrated part in different stages. Full integration with API is available, there all data is transported from the access control system to the platform with name and employee ID. Even the card ID can be set-up by the access control system. All decisions and access rights are defined in the access control system. This solution allows using multiple RFID technologies together with Mobile ID based on Bluetooth or NFC. The Mobile IDs are a cost-effective solution as these are reusable when replacing the mobile device or used by other users.



The Cidron reader's design is robust to withstand all conceivable environments and weather conditions. All card readers in the Cidron product series allow dealers and end-users to influence the readers' appearance. The design is easy to customize with different standard colors and logos. Cidron readers are available in both standard and narrow profile formats. Both formats are available with or without a keypad. Cidron can easily be configured and adapted to read most of the standard RFID technologies and to communicate with all access systems* on the market. The BLE reader can read 3 different customer formats simultaneously in a selectable mix of Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus or Mifare DESFire. Mifare CSN/UID in 4 or 7bytes and the configuration also allow deciding what RFID media shall be read and can be separated with different outputs. Mifare Random UID and iCLASS UID are also supported in 13.56Mhz. In a combi version, the reader can except the above also combine 125Khz technologies as ElectoMarine or HID Prox. 

With Cidron, the door environment is future-proofed with standardized reading technologies and communication interfaces.

A wide range of accessories is available for all conceivable applications as weather and privacy protections, vandalization protection and different distance plates. 

*with standard communications protocol Wiegand, Clock/Data, OSDP 1, OSDP 2 including security channel, RS232 and RS485.

The readers will be pre-configured when delivered with agreed configuration and with a partner or end-user authentication key. 



Access sharing as a part of the cloud platforms offline solution. Users are administrated in a web application but can also be imported via an API from access control systems. Access rights are sent to the mobile device that needs to be online on the platform every 8 hours to be updated with access rights, changes of access right etc. Which also are spread through other users. Different solutions and electronic locks are available from digital cylinders, door handles, padlocks, furniture locks, cabinet locks and controllers with the Cidron pin pad. These solutions can be powered with batteries or power supply.