Instant print - our products in your own design

Did you know that you can get your logo printed in color on the products you usually order from us at Seriline? In Seriline's ordering portal, Serix Online, you can easily order for example yoyos, keyfobs and cardholders with your company logo printed in high quality.

Our instant printer prints very fine and detailed on any background color and on almost any material. You choose for yourself what motive you want. The print technology enables the creation of fantastic 3D textured and elevated print effects of logos. 


Impressive print quality

  • High resolution and photo-quality images
  • Resistant to water, scratches and sunlight
  • 16 million colors
  • 3D printing of logos
  • Prints on almost all types of materials
Price example


Price per number of 50-99 pcs 12,00 SEK/pcs*
Price per number of 100-499 pcs 9,00 SEK/pcs*
Price per quantity >500 pcs 7,00 SEK/pcs*
Set-up fee per order 300 SEK
Cliché fee (one-time fee including Set-up fee) 800 SEK

* VAT and shipping costs will be added.
Prices are for static print of logo / image.


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