After many years with only one supplier of ID06 cards we have now chosen to commit to a close collaboration with Seriline and HantverksID. Seriline have shown that they want to create a value for our members and make it easy for all parts involved. In our evaluation and build-up of our portal that we work in Seriline have been solution-driven and have developed what fits our needs, a supplier that goes hand in hand with our own values when it comes to service and support, says Jonas Åhman, Responsible for Authorization at Säker Vatten AB.

"We are very proud to get this trust and are really looking forward to delivering to the members of Säker Vatten. Our support, quick delivery time and that all production is in-house has been deciding", says Pierre Parrman, Responsible for ID06 at Seriline and HantverksID.