Cidron's VG3 reader is equipped with BLE (Bluetooth) and NFC to combine Mobile ID with MIFARE®, DESFire®, iCLASS®, EM or PROX technologies. The reader combines and can use several technologies simultaneously, in a unique way. This is the best solution for combining older and new technologies and thus future-proofing the investment of a card reader.

Mobile ID solutions are offered in various products, usually proprietary. With Cidron, we offer an open platform with the opportunity to integrate into different solutions and suppliers. We believe that freedom of choice is important.

Today, we have a cloud-based solution that offers high security, integrity, scalability and ease of use. All communications and data are encrypted and stored with high security where the user has complete control over issued identity carriers. The solution is scalable from being a stand-alone solution to being an integrated solution in existing passage systems and can be integrated as a cloud service or as a separate application.

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