Seriline is accredited for the production of DESFire Ev2 to RCO products.

The secure technology Mifare Desfire EV2 is becoming more and more established within access control since the technology is impossible to copy as of now. 

"It is the technology that we generally recommend, especially with our new product, the offline unit LockR, that is intended for apartment doors, for instance", says Patrik Drugge, Chief of Products at RCO  Security. 


Freddie Parrman, CEO at Seriline, values the cooperation with RCO highly. 

"We’re very happy to together with RCO be able to help the clients taking the step towards a secure technology and with our online portal where the clients can easily order every type of carriers, ID cards, key fobs and so on", says Freddie Parrman. Who states that the market is really positive to the Desfire technology. 


"Especially when we’ve made the order process so easy", he lastly concludes.