Cidron Slim VG3 BLE PIN Gloss B

Cidron Slim VG3 BLE PIN Gloss B

Cidron Slimline VG3 is a Bluetooth LE (BLE) reader that can read 3 different customer formats simultaneously in a selectable mix of Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus or Mifare DESFire.

Article no: SC93200-MDB-MP-S
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Mifare CSN/UID in 4 or 7bytes and the configuration also allow deciding what RFID media shall be read and can be separated with different outputs. Mifare Random UID and iCLASS UID are also supported in 13.56Mhz. In a combi version, the reader can except the above also combine 125Khz technologies as ElectoMarine or HID Prox.

Color: Glossy black
Housing dimensions: L = 141mm, H = 25mm, W = 48mm
Communication protocols: Wiegand, Clock / Data, OSDP 1, OSDP 2 (inklusive Secure channel), RS232 och RS485.
Keypad: 12 digit keypad in 6 rows of 2 keys in each row with configurable backlight in blue color. Control features On/Off/Auto indicators. The light intensity can be adjusted.
Power supply: 9 – 30VDC
Ingress Protection Classification: IP 65

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