Integrations in Visitor

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Integration in Office 365 

The recipient makes a calendar invitation as usual in Outlook and adds a function email e.g., then the visitor receives a calendar invitation and a welcome email that can be designed with the desired information. It is also possible to set up a reminder email to be sent out 30 minutes before the start of the meeting so that the visitor has the QR code available at check-in.

Integration in RCO M5


  • The customer needs version 5.42.2 or later of the M5
  • Visitor Enterprise + RCO M5 Plugin from Seriline
  • Web admin from RCO
  • An AD field name in M5 to make it easier to log in to Visitor-Web


  • The "system name" / IP address must be specified
  • Username and password
  • Access groups must be specified, type "Entrance"
  • Visitor ID is linked to the field "Custom 10"

Evacuation lists
Automatically generated receiver
Access with PIN code 
GDPR support
Visitor management in RCO M5


  • The recipient of the visit makes the booking via Visitor Web

    The visitor receives an SMS / email with an associated 6-digit code (code as card).

  • 15 minutes before the visit begins…

    The visitor receives a reminder SMS / email and is transferred to M5.

  • The visitor passes through the entrance using his code

    After that, the visitor checks into the Self-service terminal with the QR code that was included in the SMS invitation. Alternatively, the QR code is scanned in a QR reader.

  • When the visitor checks in at the Self-service terminal

    The visitor recipient is notified by an SMS or e-mail, the visitor badge is printed out at the same time as the visitor is added to the evacuation list in M5.

  • The visitor checks out via the Self-service terminal

    The visitors data and access are deleted from the M5. In case of no check-out, the visitor will be deleted at 24.00 the same night.

Integration with SSG

With Visitor connected to SSG, you as an industrial company get a complete concept for access management for people who are to stay in connection or in the business area. Through an indication from the system, you can check whether these have approved access levels, if they meet the validity period with requirements for eligibility, competence and education. The person who requested access can immediately receive confirmed or denied access with an explanation, which provides a high level of security and safety for your particular business and industry.

Integration with ASSA ARX

ARX is a security system with alarms and access control that controls various functions in a property. The system controls and ensures that, for example, burglar alarms, door locks and automatic doors, fire alarms interact. With Visitor's integration in ASSA ARX, it is possible to retrieve visitor recipients from ARX and also to give visitors or contractors authorization in ARX via a pin code or RFID card / tag.