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Our visitor management system is user friendly and can be easily adapted to the customer’s requirements. Our programs can be installed in large networks with your receptions as well as on an independent computer in a reception. The visitor management system takes care of the management of the company’s visitors. Visitor gives a professional impression and increases safety as you have control over the visitors visiting your facilities. It is a complete visitor management system and manages everything from visit registration to printouts of visitor badges, parking permits and evacuation lists. The work of the receptionists is optimized and comprises searching for visitor information in the visitor list, monitoring and checking in visitors with the push of a button. When the visit is over, the visitor badge is returned to the reception and the visitor is checked out.

Companies’ and organizations’ visitor management appears different depending on the size. To make it easy to choose features and adapt them to your own specific needs, we have created a smart visitor management system that is scalable. Visitor is based on a basic program (Reception) with two additional modules (Guest and Web). Visitor Reception and the add-on modules use a common database to more easily keep the entire system's visitor information up to date. In addition to the basic program and the add-on modules, it is possible to connect to different options without having to do any new installation of the program. The options consist of specific features that can be linked if the need arises.

Visitor provides a lot of smart features that make it easier for our customers. A very appreciated feature is that you have the opportunity to notify the visitor when booking the visit. This can be done from both Visitor Reception and Visitor Web and the notification can be sent by SMS and/or email. The customer decides the information that is sent in the notification. It is also sent with a QR Code which makes arrival registration much easier and faster.

Upon arrival, the visitor shows the QR code for a reader (directly from his mobile phone) and is automatically checked in. At the same time as the visitor's label is printed and the visitor receives a notification by SMS and/or an email. In this way, both the receptionist and pre-booked visitors do not need to register manually on arrival. We have developed this solution to meet the market demand for self-service solutions and it has become a real bestseller. For us, it is all about working close to our customers and developing cost savings in combination with achieving a higher level of security.

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Why a visitor management system?

The visitor management system facilitates the job of a receptionist by helping in the management of visitors, while also increasing safety in places where unauthorized people are not allowed access.

  • Increase the security
  • Pre-register visits
  • Manage visitor badges
  • Manage visitors
  • Professional approach



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The software Visitor Reception collects all information about the company's upcoming, ongoing and completed visits to a database. From the database, you can easily print visitor badges, compile reports and manage statistics. The software administers the database and is the hub of our visitor management system. With the built-in layout editor, visitor tags and other prints can follow the company's own graphic profile. An advanced report manager and statistics tool are included.

The software Visitor Reception is used by companies and organizations to register and administer visitors to the company. It is usually used in the company's reception where the receptionist registers and checks in the visitors of the company. The software administers the common database. Here, statistics and reports are created, the visitor's graphic design and much more. The software is available in two versions - Entry which contains functions that are sufficient for most users and Premium when the requirements are extra high.


With the software Visitor Guest, the visitor can enter his or her own information in a visitor terminal, which is either a tablet or a regular computer. The data is stored directly in the common database. The program handles a variety of tasks, such as check-in and check-out with bar code scanners, printing of visitor badges, photo of the visitor, WiFi and more.

Visitor Guest is perfect to use in both manned and unmanned receptions. With the built-in language editor, all texts can be translated into any language. The visitor chooses a language by clicking on a flag symbol.

When the visitor has checked in, a visitor's badge must be printed. This can be done in two ways. The software can print the badge automatically. In other cases, the receptionist can handle the printout and then has the opportunity to supplement the card with information about the visitor's recipient and possibly a period of validity.

ADDITIONAL MODULE VISITOR WEB - Pre-registration of visitors

The software Visitor Web gives the visitor the opportunity to pre-register their visits themselves. The work at the reception is facilitated and the visitor receives direct access to the visitor system's databases via the online booking. Information from previous visits is readily available. The web booking is done in a simple web form. The recipient and visitor information is retrieved from, and stored directly in the database.

Password protection by visitor recipients
Visitor information may need to be protected for privacy reasons. The visitor booking is therefore password protected. Only the person who booked the visit has access to the information. The visitor can change his/her password themself, remove it or hand over the right to see and change the booking to a representative.

Other functions
With a click, a booked visit can be sent to the calendar in Outlook. Guests at unmanned receptions can be checked in by the visitor who simultaneously prints a visitor badge online. The authentication module is used when a visit requires the approval of a person in charge. The person in charge approves pre-registered visits directly on their own page in the web module.

Group bookings
In the database, each visitor is saved as a separate record, while the program automatically holds together the members of a group. Entire groups can be checked in and out with one click.

Change/cancellation of visits
Information on booked visits can be edited by the visitor recipient until the visitor has been checked in.

Customize functionality with add-ons and plug-ins

Thanks to our modular-structured system, you can start with the Entry model that contains all the basic functions. As the needs arise, you simply extend the functionality with additional modules for eg. self-registration. This is useful when the visitor checks in at arrival or when setting up the system for an unmanned reception. With plug-ins, there are endless possibilities to adapt the system to the specific needs of your company. For example, there may be an automatic assignment of Wifi access, control of connected technical equipment such as doors, turnstiles etc. The system can also be configured for SMS functionality to notify the visiting recipient and visitors.

The software is also used by receptionists in manned receptions. The Visitor Reception software collects all information about the company's upcoming, ongoing and completed visits to a database. From the reception area you can easily print out visitor tags, parking permits, compile reports and manage statistics as well as open doors and gates remotely. Visitor is also integrated into the RCO M5 access system, this integration gives you the opportunity to give the visitor temporary access, during the time the visit is intended, and you can automatically transfer visitor recipients from the access control system.

Evacuation lists

Design the alarm list according to your own need to get a full overview of those staying in the premises in case of an emergency situation. crisis situation. The list can be sent by e-mail, SMS or be printed directly from the reception area. 

Smart notifications

Notify visitors by SMS, e-mail, or both in connection with the visit being booked. The content of the notification can easily be edited directly in the software.

Statistics Report

Visitor Reception helps you to create statistics reports over the visit history. You can use it to easily to plan the reception and check when more staff is required.

Pre-booking via Office 365

Through our integration with Office 365, you can pre-book your meetings directly in Outlook and invite the participants in one place.

SSG integration

This is a popular and much-appreciated feature that facilitates check-in and ensures that all security aspects are met by checking valid training and information about contractors in SSG's database.

Health declaration and infection tracing

During pandemics or epidemics, it is extra important to inform your visitors about how they should relate to new rules and approaches to reduce the risk of spreading disease. A feature that has existed and been used, among others within the food industry, but is being actualized for many is a health declaration. If a visitor or employee is found to be ill, it is important to be able to go back and see who they may have come in contact with during the time they may have been contagious.


In Visitor, you have the option to ask the visitors to the organization to approve the GDPR conditions: i.e. whether they approve storage of their data and the camera images (CCTV) taken for security reasons in connection with the visit. In addition, we have expanded the functionality to delete data as this is a necessary prerequisite to meet the GDPR requirements.

Lightning-fast search feature

Thanks to the quick search feature, the administration work is reduced to a few minutes. Easily create one or two more revisits in just a few seconds. The smart filtering in the search feature helps you to determine how you want to filter in order to optimise your search.

Check-in and check-out with QR

To facilitate check-ins and check-outs, a QR code is sent along with the notification of a preregistered visit. This makes it possible for the visitor to check in and check out just by scanning the QR code on the mobile phone.

Software Features

You choose features for your own needs. The visitor management system consists of three softwares, Reception, Guest & Web. Visitor Guest and Web require Visitor Reception to work.

Visitor Reception Visitor Guest Visitor Web
Support for Access database, MS-SQL, DSN - ODBC, NAS or similar.
Support for common database at several places.
Manage the recipient.
Register the recipient from file or AD.
Import visitors from the database or Excel.
Check in/out visitors
Pre-book visit.
Pre-book groups .
Manage groups of visitors.
Print out visitor badges with own layout
Automatic printout with check-in
Configurable printout buttons with separate features.
Create own reports with selectable information
Edit notification
Notify visitors and recipients via SMS/Email.
Notify pre-booked visit.
Notify recipients for checked-in visit.
Create layouts for visitor badges, forms, lists and etiquettes.
Create and print out statistics over the visit flux.
Extra safety
Manage users and authorisations
Block visitors
Password protection
Wifi - create a guest account for visitor automatically.
I/O unit - open for instance doors or bars. Or create an alarm list with the help of buttons or automatically from the alarm system for instance fire alarm.
Approve visit - request for approval of visits to facilities with extra high security.
Scan and save pictures/appendixes linked to visitors
Support for several readers with different functions.
Export visits to, for instance, access systems.
Export visits to the calendar.
Check visitors in/out with QR or bar code.
Language support - translate easily to any language.
Tailor the visit interface.
Multifunctional for several companies, for instance, a company hotel.
Let the visitor take his picture at the time of check-in.
Photograph the visitor at the time of check-in.
Import visit pictures.
Overview of, for instance, checked in/out visits.

Packaged Visitor management systems

To make it easy to get started with your visitor management software, we have put together some appropriate packages. The package consists of both software, hardware and consumption items.

795 SEK

per month*

With this package you have everything you need to get started.

* The price refers to the signing of an agreement for 48 months.


995 SEK

per month*

For those who want to set up an unmanned reception or want visitors to check-in themselves.

* The price refers to the signing of an agreement for 48 months.

1595 SEK

per month*

Fully equipped package with all three parts, which gives the possibility of web-based pre-registration of visitors as well as self-registration.

* The price refers to the signing of an agreement for 48 months.

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It is at the reception that visitors get their first contact with the company, a professional guest reception is the key to good future relationships. A guest who is quickly, easily and kindly guided through his visit gets a positive image of the company.