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What is a superior system?

Simply put, it is a system to which all your existing systems are connected. The underlying systems are integrated with the parent system and thus give you as an administrator a common interface. You may, for example, have an AD (Active Directory), an access control system, an HR system, a system for handling your ID cards, etc. These you sit and administer and monitor in several different systems with different interfaces. A superior system also means that the system rarely replaces any other software or hardware, but is located as an extra layer on top of the connected underlying systems. Therfore you do not risk losing any functionality in your existing systems as these will still work with the same settings as before.


A common platform for multiple systems - regardless of manufacturer

Most property owners use more than one type of access control system, which leads to increased administration. The reason for this is that the needs for a property can be several and the suppliers of the various passage brands specialize in solving these needs in the best way by, for example, offering both online and offline solutions. All companies and organizations want to have more time and focus on their core business. By linking all the underlying systems of the business to a superior system, control and security increase. Our experience shows that it also creates a much smoother, automated and cost-effective administration of our customers' identity and access management. As a user, you only need to master one user interface to administer several different systems.

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We offer the latest technology and have installed our solutions for some of Sweden's largest companies, organizations, municipalities and county councils. But above all, we have the employees, the experience and the competence to develop the best solution that we know works best for your particular business. Our platform is system-independent and the customer always owns their own data and can in the future choose to replace the parent system if desired. We work according to a simple and efficient model: needs analysis, design, installation and service.

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