Visitor Web – Pre-registration of visitors




The software Visitor Web gives the visitor the opportunity to pre-register their visits themselves. The work at the reception is facilitated and the visitor receives direct access to the visitor system's databases via the online booking. Information from previous visits is readily available. The web booking is done in a simple web form. The recipient and visitor information is retrieved from, and stored directly in the database.


  • Password protection by visitor recipients
    Visitor information may need to be protected for privacy reasons. The visitor booking is therefore password protected. Only the person who booked the visit has access to the information. The visitor can change his/her password themself, remove it or hand over the right to see and change the booking to a representative.


  • Other functions
    With a click, a booked visit can be sent to the calendar in Outlook. Guests at unmanned receptions can be checked in by the visitor who simultaneously prints a visitor badge online. The authentication module is used when a visit requires the approval of a person in charge. The person in charge approves pre-registered visits directly on their own page in the web module.


Group bookings

In the database, each visitor is saved as a separate record, while the program automatically holds together the members of a group. Entire groups can be checked in and out with one click.


Change / Cancellation of visits

Information on booked visits can be edited by the visitor recipient until the visitor has been checked in.