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Signs for camera surveillance

More and more public places, shops and premises in the community are equipped with camera surveillance. The fact that a place has video surveillance equipment must be informed by clear signage that the area is camera surveillance.

Since GDPR entered into force on May 25th, 2018, there is now a requirement, among other things, to be able to indicate who has access to the camera images in connection with camera surveillance. Seriline's online portal, Serix Online, therefore offers our customers the opportunity to design their own camera surveillance sign which can then easily be ordered in our online portal.

We at Seriline have a wide range of camera surveillance signs and stickers for video surveillance. Showing that the store, area or venue is monitored by cameras reduces the risk of shoplifting, theft and burglary. With us you can choose from many models and the message that suits you.

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Kamerdekaler GDPR skylt

Higher requirement to inform

The requirements to inform are more extensive than before. If you have camera surveillance, you must put up signs or inform about the surveillance in some way. The information should now include contain information about:

  • Who is the camera monitor (company name)
  • The purpose of the camera surveillance
  • Specify whether camera surveillance is done with or without audio recording
  • Contact information for you

Further information

There must also be information about the following example on a web page or message board.

  • Purposes, hence why you camera monitors
  • Legal basis, which law, rule or agreement supports you to get camera surveillance
  • How long you store the data
  • What rights the registrants have, for example, request that you delete their information
  • That the data subjects can complain to Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection if they think you are breaking any laws, regulations or agreements

GDPR skyltar kameraövervakning

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By ordering your camera surveillance signs and stickers with us at Seriline you ensure that you follow all the rules.
We help you get all the information you need. You can easily design and order your signs through the Serix Online portal.