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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the idea of a company who should take responsibility for how their operation affects society from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

Serilines goal is to meet the demands of businesses today when it comes to CSR. Meeting the requirements, however, is not an end in itself, the most important thing for us is that our CSR work makes a difference.

Environment and sustainability

It is important for us that our products and solutions maintain a high standard. Seriline's business concept is to offer quality products and solutions at the best price. We do this by, as far as possible, buying directly from the manufacturers, through efficient logistics and by providing our own warehouses. We are also cost-conscious at all stages and the fact is that a cheaper mode of transport, e.g. freight by boat, results in lower carbon dioxide emissions than more expensive modes of transport such as air travel.



How we work with CSR and what CSR means to us

Our vision is that all of our operations should be conducted in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Implementing this vision in practice helps us to do good business while consuming less resources. It also helps us to contribute to a better life for people and communities around the world. At Seriline, we are constantly trying to find new ways to contribute to a better environment, that is our responsibility. We work with sustainability both directly and indirectly. Key issues are the safety and health of our employees, responsibility in the supply chain, community engagement and environmental issues.

Social and ethical responsibility

Social and ethical responsibility should permeate our entire business. We are actively working to ensure good working conditions for both our employees and along our supply chain.

To express this commitment, Seriline has chosen to sign a "Human rights agreement" with all its suppliers. When signing the agreement, we check that suppliers comply with set requirements that do not violate international conventions. Before that, Seriline visits the production to check that the procedures in the documentation are followed.

Social commitment

We live in a fantastic country with endless possibilities. Therefore, we want to join and support various projects with the aim of strengthening people and creating a better world.


Seriline Röda Korset

The Red Cross is the world's largest disaster organization that exists worldwide and consists of millions of volunteers who have decided to help other people. They fight to save lives and give hope all over the world and in Sweden, every day.

Seriline supports the Red Cross in its work and hopes to be able to change the lives and future of vulnerable people and to inspire the private sector to do the same.

Would you also like to contribute and contribute? 
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Seriline Situation Stockholm

Situation Stockholm

Situation Sthlm is best known as the magazine sold by homeless people in Stockholm. But they are more than just a newspaper. With newspaper sales as a base, Situation Sthlm also runs a social business that in many ways tries to support the sellers' way back to society. They strive to be able to offer both constructive employment and other important tools in addition to newspaper sales.

In collaboration with Situation Stockholm, Seriline wants to contribute to a safer society. We have chosen to become a support subscriber to Situation Stockholm. Our sponsorship is based on the idea that we want to support others who also want to create a safer everyday life so that more players can be helped in the work towards a safer and better society. Through proactive action, partnerships and sponsorship, we can make a difference and create security. In our work, we assume that everyone is unique, with different driving forces and values. Security is a right for every citizen and must be protected. It is important that we reflect on what social climate we want and what world we want to live in. Only through meetings can we create understanding and knowledge about each other.

Do you also want to be a sponsor? 
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Seriline Barncancerfonden

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund works to fight childhood cancer and ensure that the affected and their families receive the care and support they need. The first seed for what is today the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund was sown in 1979 when troubled parents and health care workers joined forces to stop a planned closure of Sweden's then only child cancer department. Today, almost 40 years later, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund is the largest financier of childhood cancer research in Sweden and today more than 80 percent of the children who are affected survive.

The long-term goal is to achieve a hundred percent survival for the children affected by cancer. In order for us to achieve this, research must continue to be driven forward and therefore all contributions we can receive - both from companies and private individuals, are needed. That is why we have chosen our Christmas gift every year to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. Together we can do more!

Do you also want to get involved in the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund? 
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Seriline Qnet


We are proud to sponsor Qnet, which is an association with the purpose of creating collaboration between women in senior positions who work with security in various roles and operations or educate in security. It is a meeting place where members can exchange knowledge and experience.
Read more about Qnet here


Seriline Säkerhetsbranschen


Seriline is a member of SäkerhetsBranschen, an association for security players. With their approximately 440 members, they gather companies to initiate, make visible, create an opinion for and drive value-creating security issues in a forum for a safer and more secure Sweden. The overall job of the Security Industry is to work for good quality, high knowledge and that the members of the association act responsibly.
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JA Sweden (UF)

Junior Achievement Sweden is a non-profit organization working to promote entrepreneurship among Swedish students and to facilitate relationships between industry and the Swedish school system.

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We believe that Sweden needs more people who start and develop companies in order to create growth and new jobs in the future. To contribute to this, we are a consultants to various JA companies.


Natt & Dag UF

The company was founded in 2017 in Stockholm by four young entrepreneurs who all have a keen interest in fashion and design. They discovered that the market lacked bracelets that are stylish with an exclusive touch and yet at a reasonable price. They wanted to change this, and that's how the company Natt & Dag UF came up one day in the late summer of 2017.

The name Night & Day comes from the fact that their bracelets fit on all different occasions during the day. The bracelets are as perfect to be worn in everyday life as during an evening event. Thanks to the stylish design, the character of the bracelet fit every hour of the day. Night & Day.

Seriline Sponsor


Jeans Rescue UF

The company has developed a sewing kit for jeans. This sewing kit contains everything you may need to fix your broken jeans including an instruction sheet and saves on both the customer's and the world's resources.

Arena Huddinge's venture capitalists met on December 4, 2017, traditionally a number of JA companies that pitched their ideas for scholarships. Jeans Rescue UF went home with the big investment - a scholarship worth SEK 6,000. They also ended up in first place for "Best stand".

Seriline Sponsor