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We deliver our products and solutions to both private companies and public sectors. You are welcome to contact us for references.

ID and access cards

Among our ID customers, there is everything from one-man businesses to large international companies. Many have been around since the early 1990s when we delivered our first system for the production of ID and access cards. Today, most people choose to order the cards from us by our ordering system Serix Online. Our easy-to-use ordering system and our fast deliveries are much appreciated. We have developed a customized web-based ordering system, for our largest customers, where employees via the intranet themselves order their cards. The responsible manager may then approve the order through the online service before the card is sent for production.

With our Enterprise system, card manufacturing is done "in-house" at the company. With an Online client, units in different locations can place their own card orders for card production, over the intranet or via the Internet.

Visitor Management System

The visitor management system Visitor is today installed at hundreds of companies and organizations. In the largest systems, many units across the country are connected to a common database. When security requirements are extra high there is a possibility to approve booked visits. 

Other customers use features such as automatic notification of visits, temporary WiFi accounts or connection to the access system. For many, the ability to easily design the graphic layout of the guest terminal is important, while others need to manage several different companies at the same reception.


Parking permits

We at Seriline deliver parking permits for people with reduced mobility (PRH cards) to all of Sweden's municipalities. We receive orders and produce the permits, as well as delivering materials, equipment and software to the municipalities that manufacture the permits under their own control.

There are also other types of permits issued by municipalities, such as residential parking and environmental cars. For the private sector, it is primarily parking permits for residents and staff parking for companies that are issued.