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In the event calendar below you will find everything that is going on for Seriline - fairs, conferences, trainings, lectures, exhibitions, events and more.

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September 27 2022, Stockholm

Seriline is a proud sponsor of the Security Gala 2022! 

Welcome to the Security Gala on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. It will be a afternoon with competence-enhancing, lectures and conversations at the ultra-modern Space Arena (Sergelgatan 2) and an evening with awards and networking in the sober Spegelsalen. Säkerhetsgalan addresses safety managers in business and administration as well as industry companies.

Security and defense issues have never been more relevant in Sweden and in Europe. The program is currently being planned.

OKTOBER 12-13 2022, Karlskrona

Business Sydost 22 is a new exciting meeting place with associated network for small and medium-sized companies in the south-eastern corner of Sweden. This year we meet at Brinova Arena in Karlskrona. Hope to see you there!


Seriline is a proud sponsor of SKYDD - the meeting place for everyone involved in the work for a safer world

The world is not perfect and as well as it annoys us it also makes us hopeful for the future. The hope of a safe and secure world gives us energy to continue to create a meeting place where great ideas for better protection are initiated. Meet decision makers and the most important players in the industry. In addition, the days will be filled with exciting news and interesting lectures.

You will find us at booth A16:38!