Current job openings


We often need new, talented employees who can help our customers to experience higher competence and better service than our industry colleagues. It's not just the customers who are thriving with us. Our employees have fun at work - a must for us to continuously develop innovative products and services. The constant development means that we often complement our wonderful team with new skills, as well as we like to have fun and can not help but think outside the box.

At Seriline, we are convinced that responsibility, participation and feedback motivate employees and form the basis for creating trust between employees and managers, which in turn favors the transparency we strive for in terms of transparency regarding decisions and the future of the company. Everyone should know where the company is heading and how one can contribute, as the part of the ensemble each individual is.

If there is currently no vacancy that suits you, but you believe you have the skills we are looking for, you can submit a spontaneous application to Then we will contact you if your profile matches what we are looking for.